Blondie's Pinup Sticker Pack

$7.99 USD

Art designed by creative Lydia Loyalty, IG: @lydialoyalty .
This pack includes 12 stickers of the different designs shown in the product images; two Pinned Blondie Portraits, Braapped Rose, Braappy Cupcake, Pinup Blondie, seven cuts/colors of Blondie Braaps logos.
The stickers are made with white gloss, water resistant vinyl.
Each sticker varies in sizes; Pinned Blondie Portraits are about 3in(L)x3.5in(W), Braapped Rose is about 4in(L)x4in(W), Braappy Cupcake is about 3.25in(L)x3.75in(W), Pinup Blondie is about 2.5in(L)x6in(W) and the Blondie Braaps logos are about 4.5in(L)x1.75in(W) and 6.5in(L)x.75in(W).

Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.